Corso scultura Marmo



Corso ceramica maiolica
Corso Carrara Marmo
Combine sculpture and holiday

Imagine the excitement of getting ready to leave – your holiday is already booked and you are almost done packing your suitcase. The only thing you have left to do now is to set off for a city rooted in its history and traditions, surrounded by the sea, by marble quarries, wide green spaces, and by centuries of sculpture culture!


Here, you will have the chance to enjoy the sight of the mighty Apuan Alps, which dominate the views from Carrara. You will be amazed by the variety of landscapes nearby as you take short trips from the coast to the city and the mountains, the thousand-year old keepers and givers of the precious material that has made this area famous all over the world.


This is where you will spend two eventful weeks, during which you will get to experience the real life of an artist. You will actively participate in art workshops, visit unexpected places, make new friends and, most importantly, you will acquire the unique ability of marble carving. And isn't this a holiday? Well, maybe it is even more than that :)

Meet the teacher

Boutros Romhein

  • I may define sculpture as an extension of thought, a way of giving shape and life to my thoughts, and allowing those who see and touch, to perceive, feel, and rediscover their own pleasure and thoughts in the fluid but controlled rhythm of my volumes. If unrealized in the exact plastic form in space, the thought would remain unexpressed or approximated, like a premature birth. With my thoughts, in my sculptures, I transfer moments of my life, the threads of my own story, translated into harmonious marble shapes which converse with the sensitivity of the beholder .”



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