marble sculpture course at the school Arco Arte



During a stay of intensive work (usually of two weeks duration), the aim is to acquire technical sculptural skills, and the development of a rational system of approaching both the material (marble) and form.

All learning is conducted in small groups through a direct interpersonal relationship between teacher and student. Students vary in age, nationality and level of skills, which often results in wonderful interaction and camaraderie.

Overall, the goal of the courses is to provide the student with the technical skills and familiarity in applying them. These are indispensable factors to produce a modeled form, as dictated by the individual student’s artistic desires.

The tutor will discuss with each student his or her sculptural intention, and expectation for a completed sculptural work.



Length of courses


The courses begin in mid-May and are held until mid-October. Each begins on a Monday and lasts for a period of two weeks. (see Dates of courses).
Check in: Arrival is normally expected on Sunday, the day before commencement of the course.
Check out: Accommodation should be vacated by 10:00 a.m. on Sunday following the end of the course.



A teacher is present to provide tuition and guidance on Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 12:00 noon, and from 2:00pm until 5:00pm.


On Saturdays, from 9:00am until 12:00 noon.


Students may also work outside these hours without the teacher’s presence, in which case only hand tools may be used.



Equipment for sculpting
For manual work:
tools will be provided by the studio.

For work involving

mechanical tools:

the studio will provide pneumatic and electrical hammers and electro-mechanical hammers (chisels are excluded).


For other mechanical equipment such as disk-cutting machines: students are asked to provide their own disks or procure them locally.

Students may also utilise their own tools (for both manual and mechanical work), if they are considered adequate and safe.

All equipment used by the studio conforms to current regulations.

The user will be informed in advance about the correct use and maintenance of tools that are offered for use.


A suitable piece of marble will be made available by the studio for practicing during the entire course, the cost of which is included in the course fee. An assortment of small regular and irregular blocks will be made available (maximum weight about 50 kilos).

On request, we can provide marble cut to size, at an agreed cost.

Students may keep their work of art. Only in C Courses for special stone and marble techniques, the resulting work will remain the property of the studio.

marble for carving

Safety Gear

Safety Gear in sculpture courses

Working with the highest regard to safety is extremely important and a legal obligation.

Protective glasses, gloves, comfortable work clothing and sturdy shoes should be worn at all times. When using mechanical tools, protective earmuffs or plugs, and masks should also be used.



Sculptor Boutros Romhein will provide tuition. Where specialised sculptural techniques are required, other teachers – both professional sculptors and freelance sculptors – may be present. You can learn more about Boutros and his art by checking his website at:



Our guest quarters are adjacent to the work area, and offer.

See detail here: Accommodation of Arco Arte

Personal liability

Guests should consider taking all adequate personal insurance. Arco Arte does not assume responsibility for any damage to persons or property by guests. All guests are advised to take out their own insurance to cover the duration of the course.
Note that EEC guests from outside Italy should obtain the E111 health form. Arco Arte coop accepts no responsibility for any accidents or wilful damage to persons or objects outside its control.

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