A. Basic training for beginners:


marble sculpture classes for beginners


The classes provide students with basic knowledge and skills and allows them to become aware of and gain confidence in marble.

For example: after an initial discussion with the tutor, the student will be guided in selecting a suitable piece of marble, and learn to position it and work it correctly on a support during the working phase.


He/she will develop an adequate understanding of the tools and their maintenance through working the stone. From the initial selection of the marble, through the carving and final polishing stage, the student develops both patience and perseverance in working marble.


It’s in the basic course that the student measures his/her capacity to learn, and above all discovers a way to defeat “the fear of not being able”, to realize his/her own ideas.

B. Courses for specialization or to widen knowledge (for students who already possess basic training):


The teacher will evaluate the student’s knowledge and proceed to teach on that basis.

The student may request classes where pneumatic or electric tools are used.


The option of using disk-cutting machines will be left to the teacher’s discretion based on his assessment of the student’s skills level.

marble sculpture classes for beginners for specialization

Special B. Course with exclusive use of power tools and / or tires


The Special B course is for students who already possess basic training.

For work involving only mechanical tools: the studio will provide pneumatic and electrical hammers and electro-mechanical hammers (chisels are included).

Students may also utilise their own tools (for both manual and mechanical work), if they are considered adequate and safe. A suitable piece of marble will be made available by the studio for practicing during the entire course, the cost of which is included in the course fee.  An assortment of small regular and irregular blocks will be made available (maximum weight about 50 kilos).


In 2016 we organize 1 Special B course. SEE THE CALENDAR


Maximum number of participants: 3 students

Total Cost  2 weeks: 3.000,00 Euro (SEE DETAILS)

Accommodation is included – single room in AP (SEE OUR ACCOMMODATION)

corsi di scultura di perfezionamento

C. Courses for special stone and marble techniques (for professionals and non professionals):


marble sculpture classes for marble techniques

The classes teach particular techniques, such as pointing and enlargement with compass.


Teaching is usually carried out by utilizing a model of a head or bust. Since the resulting work will be a reproduction and not an original work, it will remain the property of the studio.


A minimum of two students will be required for enlargement with compass technique.


For all courses:


  • *. At the end of each course, a certificate of attendance is issued.


  • *. Note that at any given time, the studio may have on site a mixed group consisting not only of students from the various courses, but also others who may be working freelance in rented studio spaces, including professionals with international reputations, This creates a wonderful learning and sharing environment for all participants.
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