A service just for both beginner and expert sculptors who desire to use our place for working at their own marble projects in self-government

Thanks to our formula “work and live in the same place”, a skilled sculptor who doesn't want to attend a course, will be able to sculpt and carry out his marble projects at Arco Arte. Participants will share the same environment with those making use of our teaching and technical assistance: the Arco Arte studio in Carrara (in the area of Canalie). History and tradition represent intrinsic features of these transit places for marble blocks and their means of transport. In the past, oxen and their herdsmen would take these blocks from the mountains to the plains, while now workdays are punctuated by the rush of trucks.

Types of activities



sculpting practice with

manual tools

working space – support – manual tools for

handling and transport (if needed)


sculpting practice with mechanical and

compressed air tools

working space – support – manual tools for handling and transport (if needed) – electricity and compressed air supply – dust vacuum (if needed) – (open spaces or suitable closed spaces)



FO : single room / double room for possible accompanying person: shared bathroom and kitchen
AP : single room / double room for possible accompanying person: personal bathroom - shared kitchen
MP : single room / double room for possible accompanying person: personal bathroom and kitchen




marble carrara

It will be possible to choose your own block of marble from a selection of small quarry stones of regular and irregular shapes, directly in the Arco Arte working areas (REQUEST A QUOTE).
On request, marble blocks of a precise size can be provided in the working areas, subject to prior cost estimate, agreements and payment of the amount due, if applicable.
It will also be possible to practise on more easily managed marble blocks in Arco Arte's work areas (request dimensions based on your project).
If your block should exceed feasible dimensions, you can still take advantage of the accommodation and use one of two workshops, less then a mile away, where you will be able to work with larger marble blocks .


  • It is always necessary to check availability of the accommodation and working areas.
  • A detailed estimate for the cost of accommodation, work space and marble will then be provided.


A: from sunrise to sunset – just don't disturb the other guests' beauty sleep!
B: Monday to Friday: from 8 am to 5 pm. Saturday: from 8 am to noon
It will also be possible to work on your piece even outside of these hours, although without the use of mechanical and compressed air tools, and being careful not to create a disturbance.



Protective equipment MUST BE USED, as required by law.
Safety goggles, gloves, comfortable work wear and sturdy shoes will be required for all activities.
For activity B, ear protectors and masks must also be used.
More detailed information on these measures will be given.

How to book

  • Request a quote (FILL IN THE FORM)
  • Accept the quote
  • Pay a deposit in order to reserve your accommodation (the amount varies, but is generally no less than 30% of the total amount). The following payment methods are accepted (payment via Paypal requires an extra charge of € 8.00):



ARCO ARTE via Carriona di Colonnata 41, Italy 54033 CARRARA - Ms,
Banca:  UNICREDITBANCA DI ROMA   FIL.00513 Betti 18  Italy 54037 MARINA DI MASSA
IBAN: IT 96 E 02008 13605 000041220056

Personal liability

Guests should consider taking all adequate personal insurance. Arco Arte does not assume responsibility for any damage to persons or property by guests. All guests are advised to take out their own insurance to cover the duration of the course.
Note that EEC guests from outside Italy should obtain the E111 health form. Arco Arte coop accepts no responsibility for any accidents or wilful damage to persons or objects outside its control.

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