Arco Arte has, since 1990, offered a perfect meeting place, as well as learning and professional growth opportunities, for anyone who wishes to learn how to carve marble in a relaxed, friendly environment, experiencing the pleasurable artistic experience of our two-week courses.

The Arco Arte marble SCULPTURE school, founded in 1990 by the sculptor Boutros Romhein, consists of working areas, different types of accommodation, leisure spaces and a kitchen.


The possibility offered is to work and live in the same place, able to carry out your artistic endeavours until late, even outside the usual class hours. This creates a respectful, relaxed and pleasant environment for all, while satisfying the need to interact and work on your sculpture.

Location of Arco Arte

Carrara, Italy
the stone sculpture school
Let's quickly go over a fragment of history that the city of Carrara has in common with Arco Arte: during centuries past “the workshops” opened their doors, transforming into “trade schools” for all those who intended to take up the sculptor’s profession. In 1990 the sculptor Romhein Boutros, followed this tradition and opened the doors of his studio to welcome anyone who desired to sculpt. Since then, Boutros has offered almost two decades of experience in teaching both the ancient and modern techniques of working in
marble, stone, clay and wood.
Carrara is where major artists throughout history have trained and worked, attracted by the availability of marble and skilled artisans. Artists such as Michelangelo came to Carrara to select their marble. Over the centuries, the capacity to use other materials besides stone, such as clay, plaster and wood, have also been developed and provided further attraction.


student of the sculpture schoolstudent of the sculpture schoolstudent of the sculpture school

At Arco Arte students develop the technical skills to handle the marble and work out concepts, thoughts and ideas in the process of creating a sculptural work.
Our Studio. We feel that one of the greatest benefits we can offer, is the opportunity for students to work and live on site, with the freedom of carrying out artistic activity manually well outside of normal working hours. Our centre for sculptural activity consists of work spaces, different types of accommodation to suit the needs of different students, recreation and cooking areas. This not only guarantees a tranquility and pleasant environment for all residents, but also satisfies students’ needs to interact.
In the city of Carrara, with its romantic primitivism, you will experience the poetry of time standing still. This is a territory linked historically to mining and marble workmanship, the eternal material that has enriched human civilization and even today retains its undiminished fascination.

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